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 June 1, 2017 - Eureka, California Teacher Sets Sail on Fisheries Research Cruise in Alaska

Marsha Lenz, a teacher at South Bay School in Eureka, California, will embark Thursday, June 8 to assist scientists on a 21-day survey of pollock populations in the Gulf of Alaska. Lenz will participate in this cruise as part of NOAA’s Teacher at Sea program, which bridges science and education through real-world research experiences.  Read More About Marsha Lenz And The NOAA'S Teacher At Sea Program    

August 21, 2015 - South Bay School District Announces Bond Refinance

District Taxpayers to Save Thousands of Dollars in Savings.  South Bay Union School District is pleased to announce that our District taxpayers will save thousands of dollars due to the effort of Superintendent, Gary Storts.   The South Bay Union School District recently locked in significant savings of approximately $125,000  for local taxpayers by refinancing a $1.5 million General Obligation Bond which was approved by voters in June 1998.  Read More About The Bond Refinance