District Wellness Policy

South Bay Union School District has adopted a Wellness Policy that is in line with state mandates. The following are the goals of this policy:

  1. Child Nutrition Programs, comply with federal, state and local requirements and are accessible to all children.
  2. All foods and beverages sold on campus during the school day are consistent with current federal, state and local requirements.
  3. The school environment is safe, comfortable and pleasing with ample time and space allocated for eating meals.
  4. Sequential and interdisciplinary nutrition education and physical education are provided to promote student wellness.
  5. All students are provided the opportunity to be physically active on a regular basis through physical education and physical activity programs designed to meet or exceed the California Department of Education regulations.
  6. All school-based activities are consistent with SBUSD Wellness Policy goals.

Celebrations, Rewards, Marketing:  The school district will encourage the use of healthy foods and/or activities for school celebrations.

  1. School staff and Parents will be notified of the school’s preference for healthy food or activity based celebrations.
  2. The school will inform parents of healthy alternatives whenever possible.
  3. Celebrations should occur after the class’s lunch period.
  4. School personnel will take opportunities to model healthy food choices while engaged in school and/or district activities.
  5. The school district will discourage the use of food or beverages as a reward for student accomplishments nor will they withhold food or beverages as punishment.
  6. The school will limit the marketing and advertising of unhealthy food and beverages.
  7. Food or beverages that do not meet the nutrition guidelines stated above will not be heavily promoted.