Field Trip Tag-A-Long Policy

Districts have had increasing requests from parents to attend field trips (sometimes with siblings in tow). 

Keep the following risk management best practices in mind:

Parents who volunteer to chaperone field trips are there as volunteers for the school trip, not to be there just for their child.  They will be processed as any other volunteer for the district.

  • Application process
  • Screening
  • Sign in/out of campus

The district chooses how many volunteers are applicable for each field trip.

  • Too few would not permit adequate supervision of students.
  • Too many may turn into adult social time vs. student supervision.

Siblings (non-district enrolled minors) are not allowed to participate in district field trips.

  • The presence of siblings increases the district’s liability
  • The presence of another minor may deflect from the supervision of the enrolled students.
  • If a claim occurs, just the presence of a non-district enrolled minor would allow the claimant to imply that correct supervision did not occur (the presence of another child took the supervision attention away from the student).

Field Trips at Public Venues

A non-volunteer parent can be at a public area during the same time as the field trip.

  • They cannot participate in the district transportation to the venue.  They must arrive separately.
  • Their child, the student, is under the supervision of the district during the field trip.  He/she cannot go off with their parent.  If they do, the parent signs their child out, takes custody of their child and the field trip has ended for that student.

Revised 5/28/17